Back in studio till End of August

Back in the studio till end of August after a week in Denver. What an amazing show at SPACE Gallery in Denver with the amazing Free Buckler and Conny Goelz Schmitt. I am working on new paintings and ideas for the next show "Digitalism" which will Debut at Context Gallery on September 18 (official opening) and Third Friday, September 20. Stay tuned into my socials for work going into that show. 

Structural Gestures July 10 at SPACE Gallery
Solo Show "Structural Gesture" at SPACE Gallery Denver, CO

I am finishing up and packaging all the work for my Denver solo show. July 10 from 5-8. This year marks year number 21 which I have shown in Denver. The city and I have a unique history being a former Dendrite and active participant in the art scene. SPACE is my favorite gallery and am honored to be showing with Free Buckler and Conny Goelz Schmitt. Soon I will post a page on my website of the final work that is going to the exhibition. 

DJ set at Gallery 202 for Pride
3 artworks in ROYGBIV show at Patina Arts Centre in Canton, OH

On view till July 12 at Patina Arts Centre in Canton, Ohio. 

Solo show at SPACE Gallery in Denver, Colorado in July

preparing new work for a big solo show at Space Gallery in July 2024. This will be my second exhibition with SPACE Gallery located on Santa Fe Drive in Denver. The newest collection of work will span from 2022 to recent work exploring abstraction, color, gesture and fold. 

Closing reception for "Where Love Lives"

Join me and Gallery 202 for the closing reception of "Where Love Lives"

April 19, 5pm -9pm.

Gallery 202
1305 West 80th Street
Suite 202
Cleveland, OH 44102
Wednesdays 4-7pm
Friday 12 - 5pm
Saturday 12-4pm

March 15 - April 20

Where Love Lives

The work in this collection is based on music in DJ culture (4 to the floor) and electronic music that was born in the late 70s early to mid 80s. Over the last couple of years my artwork has drifted into a new series titled geometric gestures—a fusion between invented geometric spaces and gestural movements created with dance and rhythm. I’m interested in movement, space, light, and time as it pertains to the human experience. This work also celebrates unity, diversity, love, and life in the most surreal yet elegant way possible. The music that inspires this type of work is about bringing people together, overcoming differences, finding a voice to communicate, and figuring out where love lives.

Opening March 15 5-9pm

Gallery 202
1305 West 80th Street
Suite 202
Cleveland, OH 44102
Wednesdays 4-7pm
Friday 12 - 5pm
Saturday 12-4pm

March 15 - April 20
Artist Reception:
Friday, March 15, 5-9pm

Special DJ set of Nu Wave and Depeche Mode from 6:30 - 8:30pm
Dancing encouraged!

Where Love Lives

The work in this collection is based on music in DJ culture (4 to the floor) and electronic music that was born in the late 70s early to mid 80s. Over the last couple of years my artwork has drifted into a new series titled geometric gestures—a fusion between invented geometric spaces and gestural movements created with dance and rhythm. I’m interested in movement, space, light, and time as it pertains to the human experience. This work also celebrates unity, diversity, love, and life in the most surreal yet elegant way possible. The music that inspires this type of work is about bringing people together, overcoming differences, finding a voice to communicate, and figuring out where love lives.

Where Love Lives opening March 155-9pmGallery 202 at 78th Street
Showing work and will DJ event

For the next Third Friday at 78th Street Studios I will be showing a collection of the work in Geometric Gesture series and will new Deejaying live Nu Wave and Depeche Mode music. Gallery 202 at 78th street will host this event. Many folks who are fans of my work know that music (electronic and house music) is a big part of my influence in the studio. This will be my first DJ appearance alongside my work. I hope this will be the first of many for both my work an others. 

Preparing for next Solo Show

In July of this year, I will be exhibiting with SPACE Gallery in Denver, Colorado for my second solo show with them. I am currently working on new paintings for this exhibition and preparing for a dynamic summer presentation. This will also mark my 20th year of non-stop exhibitions as a prating artist and my 20th year of showing in Denver. 

Review of "Tangents" in CAN Journal

A special thank you to Christopher Richards for the great discussion on this recent article on the CAN journal blog.

Curated Exhibition, "Tangents"

 My curatorial debut, Tangents: Abstract and Geometric Art in Northeast Ohio

The art in Tangents: Abstract and Geometric Art in Northeast Ohio is a collection of work created by a group of diverse and prolific artists. They encode abstraction as a part of their artistic language. This includes forays into: color, optical interplay, mathematics, space, surface, texture, process, and the built environment. These artists are further unified by the use of non-representational forms that are powerful yet pragmatic upholding traditions of abstract art in the region.

The idea for this exhibition grew out of a call to action. In the wake of the COVID 19 Pandemic most regional artworks appeared to explore literal pictorial space in painting and sculpture. Questions circulated about who in the area is making design dominant, non-representational work? Why is making abstract work still important? And how can the process of being an abstract artist lead to greater manifestations of perception? This exhibition aims to excite a deeper interest in geometric art and abstraction in the area and inspire more artists to open up their studio practice.

The nine artists in Tangents share many intersections but all explore their individual pursuits in geometry and abstraction. For example, Susan Squires explores the excavation and preservation of the surface under dense layers of encaustic wax. Mark Keffer uses a series of processes to add and subtract text, symbols, and references to circuitry. Andrew Reach, trained as an architect, uses various computer programs to explore geometry, rhombas combinations and mathematical constraints in both two and three dimensions. Catherine Lentini uses analog drawing techniques to arrive at the optical interplay in her geometric forms. Gianna Commito allows relationships between forms and layering techniques to crystalize into new geometric spaces. Natalie Lanese creates geometric paintings and installations using line, shape, color and space to intensify the optical power of illusion and perception. Ed Raffel employs a sculptural approach with mirrors, optical interplay, and material intersecting various styles, tastes and perceptions. David Louis Cintron uses a more automatic, layered and traditional approach in his paintings to fragment forms and time. Mark Howard is inspired by the collage like aesthetic of arrangement in using various shapes, textures, and bold colors in his paintings. All of these artists are connected through abstraction but are divergent in their practice.

The process of making abstract art occupies a rare space. It combines ways of thinking and making that interact with the temporal; sometimes abstraction is minimal and simplified, sometimes optical, and sometimes part of a collaged or combined language. It slows down or abandons the use of literal shapes and forms, often including ad hoc arrangement and disparate elements to engage the viewer in a space where philosophical questions prevail. The work has the power to share the pictorial space of color and surface with sensoriality, metaphor, and resonance. 

First Place in the Tikkanen Painting Prize
I am the proud recipient of this year's Paul and Norma Tikkanen Painting Prize in Abstraction from the Ashtabula Arts Center. A huge thanks to the Ashtabula Arts Center Foundation for establishing the prize and the Tikkanen family. The first place award is a $12,000 prize for excellence in Abstraction. Here I am pictured with my painting "Where Love Lives," a painting that stands for a celebration of self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and Pride. The winners and chosen artists included in this show will be on view till October 31.
New Opening at CONTEXT gallery This Wednesday Night.
Context opens its doors with their premiere exhibition, Shapes of Abstraction. Nine women artists with works ranging from hard-edge to gestural abstraction explore diverse ideas in nonobjective art. The gallery, located in 78th Street Studios, suite 303, will hold an opening reception on Wednesday, Sept. 13th from 6:00 - 8:00pm and Third Friday, Sept. 15th, 5:00 - 9:00pm.

Artists include: Vivien Abrams Collens, Ruth Bercaw, Sarah Esposito, Phyllis Fannin, Tiara Grayson, Rebecca Kaler, Catherine Lentini, Jennifer Omaitz, and Eugenie Torgerson. 
"Precarious Situation" two-person show at Tri-C West

Featuring brand new work from artist Patty Flauto and I. We will also feature a brand new collaborative painting installation. 

"This site-responsive collaboration brings together our distinct approach to painting, coupled with a record of our fearless application of the painterly touch.

Our shared interest in abstraction makes for infinite possibilities as we both manipulate space with color, shape, and line. Collaborating is a definite “unknown”, but the exchange is exciting, precarious and about discovery. In “Precarious Situation” we explore speed in mark, color and form, and tickle our viewer(s) with the duration of play in alternating rows of design. This exchange of problem-solving between us and the viewer - is the situation. A temporal space of shout and silence, singular and plural, where minds move in different ways so all can enjoy and welcome the link between our two bodies of work. "

"Collaborage" Opening at Heights Arts August 18. 
The opening reception at Heights Arts is Friday, August 18th from 5-8pm. There will be a cash bar and light snacks available. Please be aware that the parking lot directly behind the gallery is closed for construction. Check here for a map of other available (free) parking locations.

Openings This weekend

Gallery 202 has a collection of works by me (the mini's) and other artists on display for 78th Street studio's third Friday events. 

This Friday, July 21st, 2-9pm, as part of the July Third Friday ArtWalk at 78th Street Studios!

Opening at Gallery 202: Lizzi Aronhalt & Ron Copeland
Lizzi Aronhalt returns with her vibrant urban landscape paintings as does Ron Copeland with his new travelogue-themed lamps.

Also a mini-exhibit of new bright and dynamic paintings by Jen Omaitz.

2023 Schedule:
July/August; Lizzi Aronhalt, Ron Copeland
September/October: Stephen Calhoun
October/November: Ceramics Invitational
November/December: Winter Collection

Curatorial Project "Tangents"

A project I have been working on for over 6 months, "Tangents" includes this amazing curation of established artists in North East Ohio. This is a collection of painters, sculptors, and an architect who all have a unique and transformative outlook on Geometric Abstraction in their practice. More to be announced on this project over the summer.

Location: Artist Archives of Western Reserve

Dates:Nov 2 – Dec 16

Opening Reception: Thursday November 2nd 5:30 – 8:00pm

Tangents: Abstract and Geometric Art in Northeast Ohio curated by Jenniffer Omaitz. Featuring Ed Raffel, Natalie Lanese, Gianna Commito, Susan Squires, Mark Keffer, Catherine Lentini, Andrew Reach, David Louis Cintron, and Mark Howard, the exhibition is a collection of diverse and prolific artists who make color, optical interplay, mathematics, space, surface, process, and the built environment a part of their artistic language. 

New Work appearing in the 12 x 12 show at YARDS projects

A new small work that measures 12" x 12" will be on display with over 150+ other works at Yards Projects. Show opens 1/19 and is ongoing till March 2023. 

Special Mention in new article

Thank you to Grace Carter and the Akron Soul Train for the mention and opportunity to be in the latest Winter Solstice Alumni show. Attached is an image of the work on view till January 14 and write up of the show

New Work and News

Starting with exciting news first. My work, "Violet Vision" will be featured in the forthcoming show at the Ashtabula Center for the Arts in October. It is actually for the Paul and Norma Tikkanen painting prize. Opening dates for this I believe are October 8.

I am also 1/2 way through a new body of work that has been culminating all summer. Embedded in this are a few images of the new work. You can view more in the Painting 2022 page. 

New Work

In May of this year, I officially kicked off my new body of work. I should really say bodies of work because there are two distinct styles I am pursuing. Throughout June and July, the work will become more developed and distinct. Attached are a few of the new pieces that are a direct link to this new split body of work. 

New Mini Paintings for summer

During the start of COVID I did a project where I made a collection of small paintings to help with the costs of living and studio upkeep. These minis also gave me the freedom to experiment in the studio. This summer I am reviving that tradition by starting my season with mini paintings. You can see the growing collection in my 2022 painting page; scroll down the browser to see the works. Price points are under $200 for collectors on a budget. 

In issue #2 of New Visionary Magazine

Beyond excited to announce that I am in issue #2 of New Visionary Magazine.
@visionaryartcollective. Issue #2specifically targets artist-educators. I have been teaching for 15 years this year. A big shout out to my Kent State Interior Design Studio students who have made this semester especially amazing!
Featured work includes "Prizm" and "Some Like it Hot" available through @spacegallery400 

3rd Period Art opening at Gallery 202 in May

Finishing up work for a show opening in May, "3rd Period Art" that will debut at the 78th street studios complex in Gallery 202. This show will have a variety of Clevland area based educator/artists who have been working for several years. Excited to be on the roster. 

In Studio All April...

Breaking ground on a new series of paintings in the studio starting in April. I plan on spending quality time in my studio this summer to create a new body of work. I like to call this my backyard residency. Studio visits are welcomed from May to early August to see the development of the new painting and sculpture work. 

New Work for 2022

Working on a series of small paintings while developing larger work. Please check out my painting 2022 page with exciting new pieces. Smaller work is always available directly from my studio. 

Group Show At YARDS Projects

Will be in a group show at YARDS projects opening January 13 ongoing till February 26. New works on paper and predatory work that informs the larger paintings. 

Online Studio Sale

Pages on this website "Shop Sale" and "Small Paintings" both have a sale on all items listed till December 15. 

Shop Sale has a 25% off deal on all artworks. This sale is before shipping is added. 

Small paintings shop has a 10% off with code SMPAINT

International orders must contact directly for shipping rates are different than USA orders. 

"Invisible Forces" Opening November 18, 4-6pm
Installation of "Invisible Forces" in progress. 

Installation started on the show "invisible forces" yesterday. Here are a few images of the preview. 

Starting to install show at Mount Union Collage

Started to install the exhibition, "Invisible Forces" at Mount Union Collage on 11/6. Attached are some images of the install. For a list of the work visit this page here

More is More at Akron Art Museum

I have one painting on display for the group exhibition More is More till March 27 at the Akron Art Museum. 

Image: Human After All


Acrylic on Canvas

Opening night on 8-20-21 at Space Gallery in Denver
Opening Friday August 20 at SPACE Gallery Denver Colorado
SPACE Gallery Denver Colorado, August 20-September 25

Multiple Works to be featured in a show of 4 artists. 

Will be exhibiting 12 new works completed this year and from the end of 2020. Below is a list of artists in the exhibition. 


Work Featured in Painting Center Exhibition

"One in a Year curated by Kathy Cantwell and Shazzi Thomas. This exhibition features 100 artists who are including work on Artsy that reflects how they used art as a tool to explore, develop and practice creativity as a means to wellness during 2020."

My work "Freedom" which was finished last year is both a reflection of more time to paint in the studio and the reaction to the end of a long relationship. 

Featured in Inaugural issue of "All She Makes"

Work will be featured in Inaugural issue of "All She Makes Magazine" 

Drawing accepted into Morgan Paper Conservatory show

One of my installation drawings has been accepted into the Morgan Conservatory National Juried Exhibition juried by Tizziana Baldenebro and Arnold Tunstall. Exhibition will open April 9th to May 22nd 2021. Stay tuned for annoucements. 

OHIO, KENTUCKY, & INDIANA Regional Showcase at Manifest Gallery

Opening next Friday at Manifest Gallery in Cincinatti, Ohio. Very excited to be exhibiting with these amazing artists: 
Kevin Gardner, Lee HeinenRon IsaacsEllen Lyon,Kathleen PahlRobert PulleyEmil RobinsonJulio Cesar RodriguezBarbara TriscariMcCrystle Wood and Melissa Lusk


New Show in March 2021

Very excited to announce an upcoming show at Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland, "Nevertheless, She Created". Up for the duration of March and beginning of April. This show focuses on a small selection of North East Ohio Female artists that are working through a complex series of issues and process in their work. 

The opening of the show will take place on Friday, March 5th from 10:00am-7:00pm. The gallery is limiting the number of people in the gallery to 10 at a time, offering 1 hour time slots where patrons can enter.  You can also sign up at this link:

Studio Production

Last year was challenging and very difficult in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic for people throughout the world. It was also challenging on a personal level with trying to curve my time to make new works in the studio and teach in an online format. In June of 2020 I found a new cadance and practice to invigorate my studio routine tha injected new hope and inspiration into my process. 

I teach part time between a couple Universities and try to keep a balence in my studio with production. I am paid very little for the time I put into classes and try to make up for that with being creative on many fronts. One of the things this pandemic has forced me to reconcile is a routine between working and studo life. This year I've been working dilligently to create new work so that I can accomplish this balence and grow my practice in new ways that invigorate all other aspects of my life. 

So, I have started a new series of work that is filled with awkward balences, bright colors, and an alternating sense of perspective that is topsy turvy, awkward, not really grounded. This new work is reflective of the balence, or lack there of, that is present in my life and possibly the life of many others because of the pandemic. Bright colors symbolize hopefulness, idealism, and possibiliy, with gesture and painterly marks representing the human touch and dance in a confined surface. 

Frequently my 2021 page for paintings will have updates with new works. My Instagram page  @jennifferomaitz will have updates on things happening live in the studio. The goal is to move  forward, evolve and strive for better work. So, please join me in this new direction, check out my updates on this platform and social media. Interaction is ecouraged!

Thank you for your continued support.



New Work for 2021

Working in the studio a lot early this year in preparation for a new body of work. Several pieces towards the end of 2020 and early 2021 have been finished. You can view them under my painting 2020 and 2021 tabs. These will be updated as soon as new works are finished. 

New Work featured in local article

New sculptures featured in local Canton based news paper. See link for details. 

Parts to the Whole

Exhibit Dates: August 7- 28, 2020
Location: The Hub Art Factory, 336 6th St NW, Canton, OH 44702
Exhibit: Parts to the Whole, Guest Curated by Michele Waalkes
Opening: Friday, August 7 during Canton First Friday Art Walk, 6-10pm
Closing Reception: Friday, August 28, 7-9pm **tentative, based on interest**


In Show at YARDS projects "Art Made in the Shutdown"

Extended Gallery Hours are as follows:
Friday, June 26th from Noon-4pm Open Gallery Hours
Saturday, July 11th 11-ZOOM
Saturday, July 11th. Noon-4pm Open Gallery Hours
Saturday, July 25th, Noon-4pm Open Gallery Hours

New Mini Works for sale on Website

Since Mid May I have been making small paintings and selling them directly through my website. This selection and series are designed for relief from the financial effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. The work on this page is exclusive for this relief project only. Like many other artists around the world I have found myself without work, with a loss of exhibitions due to cancellation or other factors related to the pandemic. This work is my attempt to alliviate some of the stress due to these factors. This site will be updated frequently with works available until the end of the year. Artwork is (and will be) priced between $50-$250 priority shipping included in the price available to ship anywhere in Continental USA. Support of the work will allow for further exploration in the studio and transition through this unusual time.

Works on this page will updated everyday or every two days until I end the series. It will last until the Fall of 2020. 

New Paintings in "Woman XIII" show

5 new works curated into special Woman only exhibition at Lakeland Community College

Celebrate Women's History Month: Created by women, of women and about women

Curated by Mary Urbas
February 23 - March 27, 2020
Artist Reception: Sunday, March 22, 2020, 3:30 - 5 pm.
Women of Achievement Awards: Sunday, March 22, 2 PM

7 paintings in upcoming show "With Devotion" at The Contemporary Dayton

"With Devotion", Opening January 17 till February 15 curated by Jeffery Cortland Jones.
9 paintings will be on view from my collection of work.

On view will be works by Alison Jardine, Heather Jones, Jenniffer Omaitz, Paige Williams. 
Opening Events
January 17, 2020
Gallery Talk 5-6 p.m. | Reception 6-8 p.m. 
Curator in Residence Jeffrey Cortland Jones leads a walk-through of the exhibition with the artists. 
Free & open to public

January 25 | 1-3 p.m. | Led by Alison Jardine
Workshop: Make Great Art on your iPad
Registration required


Interview on Art Uncovered

So excited to have been interviewed by the fabulous Kimberly Ruth on Art Undercovered via BTR Today. Please check out all the interviews and format of this station/arts community. Great resource for all of the arts!

Original aired on October 22- listen here:

New work in forth coming show In Akron

I will be debuting two new scultpures for the Winter Soulstice show on December 7. This will be in celebration of all current and former residents of the Akron Soul Train Residency award recipiants. 

Openin reception is December 7, 6-8pm
runs from November 27 - January 4

2019 Alumni Exhibition at CIA

Please join me in celebrating two new works in the 2019 Alumni exhibition at CIA. "Miami Beach House" and "Stacked Structure" will both be remixed in the newest presentation for this exhibition. This will take place at the Reinberger Gallery at the Cleveland Insitute of Art. 

Opening reception, Friday, July 12: 5–8pm

Monday–Thursday: 10am–5pm
Friday: 10am–2:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed