I constantly draw. It is a practice started as a young child encouraged by my mother. I grew up in a place where I was constantly surrounded by people, so  drawing portraits became a staple for me. Because of this practice I was able to get a scholorship into art school and expand my talents. My abailities were nurtured into my 20's and figure drawing has alwasys been a fun practice, but never the center of my overall creative interests. During art school I was heavily interested in other media so I pursued photography, design and painting. Today I draw and teach drawing because I love the practice.

On a side note...

I am a huge fan of Moleskine sketchbooks....but now I make my own. If you are interested in any of my handmade sketchbooks, please contact me. 

Jenniffer Omaitz Figurative Sketchbook Pages
Figurative Sketchbook Pages