In 2017, I was awarded a creative fellowship with the Akron Soul Train. THe AST is a new residency program in the Northside District of Akron, Ohio (more about the AST)The work in this portfolio was made while on my official residency in October of 2017. The first part of the work was a series of paintings that are an honest investigation into space, gesture, mark, and boundary. These paintings are created on panel and made in an ad-hoc intuitive, collage kind of manor. These paintings are a a springboard for a collaborative piece from 6 different artists in the Akron Ohio area. Paintings that are chosen will be revealed during final show in December of 2017. The larger scope of the project behind the paintings is a long term project called "Other Geometries".

“Other Geometries is based off a chapter in the book "Constructions", by John Rajchman. The work presents an internalized, intuitive architecture that binds instinct with paint with the poetry of assemblage in a different place from where the original paintings where made. The geometry is gathered, found, fragmented, presented as a solid form in new gallery space “

This folio is a work in progress, so if you are viewing while I am currently working as an active resident, check back frequently for updated and completed work. 


Other Geometry #8 "Conceal Reveal" and Painting "Disco" (All materials except for a few came from the studio of Gwen Waight)
Painting and found material assemblage
Akron Soul Train Residency